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Hangar construction

How to manufacture a hangar in 2-4 weeks?

How the building has to be ventilated in order not to collect humidity and be suitable for the storage of food products?

What is necessary for the storage of free-flowing products?

How to make the Hangar suitable either for the storage and auxiliary premises?

What kind of foundations should be used? Maybe they are not needed at all?

How to construct a hangar so after several years there could be a possibility to increase its height with no damage to the walls?

How to increase the length of the hangar in double?

How to make the walls thicker so the hangar would be suitable for using in the winter time?

In order to deal with such challenges we have developed 4 standardised products which satisfy the needs of all the clients.

Metal frame buildings

  • Agriculture
  • Logistics
  • Retail
  • Office
  • Other purposes


  • Cars
  • Goods
  • Yard

Special purpose buildings

  • Ramps and driveways
  • Enclosures
  • Technology line supports
  • Projections

How we work?

JSC “Domisa” pays special attention to legal regulation, because we have the goal to minimize the time of clients’ disputes over the lawfulness of the building. When carrying out the construction of hangars, we comply with all requirements applicable to buildings in the Construction Act.

The hangars of UAB Domisa and the production of hangar structural elements are certified according to EN 1090-1: 2009. This European Standard specifies requirements for the conformity assessment of the performance of construction products, thus ensuring the required quality. All the company has produced structures [CE] declaration of conformity. This document certifies that the design was projected by Eurocode, which indicates the maximum regional load on the building.

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