About Us

The market leader in the field of design and manufacture of hangars, Domisa, started its operations in 2008. Today, Domisa, with its ten years experience and the latest technology, fully satisfies the customer’s needs. The product line developed by the company meets the expectations of customers in Lithuania. A clear set of guidelines for visibility, mission and values is helping to succeed.

Vision: Remain as the leaders of the manufacturing of the design of constructions of modular buildings. Spread the ideology of the development of buildings.

Mission:We are trying to take off all the problems, related to the construction of hangars, documentation and exploitation off the shoulders of the client. We must do everything for the client so he would only sign the documents and start exploiting the construction that we develop. We have to foresee all the growing possibilities of the building upon the change of the business environment. Also design in a way so we build at the exact time and to the exact costs which are agreed by the client. Not a cent more than in the agreement. Ensure all the possibilities to develop the building at the change of business needs. This means that we can quickly increase the length of the building, change the layers of the building, and adapt the hangars previously used for the storage of machinery to the storage of free-flowing products. Thus we save the money of our clients..

Our Values :

Competence. The employees of the company JSC „Destima“ constantly improve the competences in their working area. They always follow to the news about the latest and the most productive technologies in the area of constructions.

Professionalism. All the works are carried out in a way that has been provided in technical drawings and regulations. No experiments because the quality is the most important factor.

Transparency. Clients are acquainted with both – the financial and technical aspects of the project till the smallest detail.

Honesty. Oral promise is not less important than the written one. We fulfil the promises and we do everything to satisfy the client. No unreal promises.

Finished Projects

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